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While going through some drawers and files last fall, I came across so many cards and handwritten notes I have saved…from family, from friends and from those who cared enough to express their thoughts in written form.  The emotions and joy that re-surfaced really made me think about the power of the handwritten note.




In this digital age it is so easy to send an email or a text …while the thoughts behind these electronic expressions may be genuine, it really takes little effort to type a few sentences and then press “send”.  Emails are easy to ignore and texts can’t be saved.




Whether you’re sending congrats, offering advice, expressing thanks or just telling someone how much they are appreciated….a handwritten note can mean so much.  Simple lines of heartfelt expression penned in one’s own hand are worth so much more than the effort it takes to send a “real live” card.




It’s not necessarily the words that are written, it’s the feelings that are remembered for always.  Knowing that someone cared enough to put pen to paper, to stamp and mail an envelope ….really so little effort for the sender, so much joy for the receiver.





So I’ve stocked up on gorgeous cards from Chapters and from one of my favourite bloggers and artists, Garance DoreI’ve made sure my supply of stamps is adequate, and with a mail box right beside my grocery store…there are no excuses for me!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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