Having been introduced to my Estee Lauder Night Repair years ago, I had forgotten what a serum is really meant to accomplish in my overall skincare regime.

What is it really doing for my skin…is it a moisturizer, is it worth the added expense and the time it takes to apply every night?

No…it is not a moisturizer in the usual creamy, rich, lotion sense …but, serums do do contain moisturizing ingredients that are lightweight and can be absorbed easier than a heavy lotion.  That is why a serum is applied before a moisturizer.  Serums are made up of small molecules that can penetrate the skin where a moisturizer sits on top of the skin preventing all the ingredients the serum delivers from escaping.  Along with hydrating ingredients, serums contain potent antioxidants, which work in the fight against ageing wrinkles and lines.  Some serums contain anti-inflammatories which neutralize redness caused by cell damage.

An effective serum can be appear expensive, however, a little goes a long way.  They are very concentrated and are usually bottled with an eyedropper…I find that four drops per applications is enough.

Because serums are designed to target specific concerns, it is important to find one that works specifically for your skin type.  And, of course, the longer you use a serum, the healthier and firmer your skin will feel.

Here are some of the top serums you may want to check out:




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