Maybe it’s because the summer seems to be lingering in Vancouver and we continue to enjoy the warm days. Or…maybe it’s because I am just not ready for Fall colours of red, plum, pewter and gold.  The sweaters and jackets on the store racks are not calling out to me…yet!


And while the stores may be flooded with the new Fall styles…there are so many end of summer deals online.  This is the perfect time to snag that  basic white dress, handbag or pair of shoes and you’ll be ahead of the game when spring and summer roll around next year.  The Ploye Dress is online at CLUB MONACO and the shoulder strap purse is from Hudson’s Bay.


Shoes are Michael Kors and not on sale…too bad, but a great classic and a beautiful shade of tan…to be worn in any season.

Thanks to everyone for encouraging and supporting me in the last few months.  It’s good to be back and I look forward to sharing new and exciting features with you all!